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Auction 36 - Books, Prints, Art & Curio

Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 7 pm CET

Viewing Days
Saturday 7, Sunday 8, Monday 9, and Thursday, May 12th from 11am until 5pm CET
CET = Central European Time (GMT+1)

Location preview days and auction
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and objects from private collections.
A part of the lots is reintroduced with a substantially lower limit.

To be auctioned:

Bullet Books - Bibliography, Literature, Manuscripts, Typography. Alarge amount of Books on Books and Manuscripts. With a fine collection of Auction catalogs.

Bullet Books - Science and Technology. Including Engineering, Anatomy, History, Biology and Building decorations.

Bullet Books - Psychology & Sexology. A specialized library divided into numerous lots on the subject of Psychoanalysis, Sexuologie, Psychiatry, Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Gerontology and Adolescent Psychiatry. Many of the books in this library are rare or otherwise difficult to obtain.

Bullet Books - Religion and Philosophy. Some biblical lots and Zeeland church history.

Bullet Books - Art, Music, Photography. An extensive collection of art books and composed plots with Books, Art Catalogs and Magazines about among others the emphasis on Architecture, Applied Arts, Museums, Photography, Design, Modern Art, Medieval Art, Film and Television, Art History, Topography, Carpets and Graphics. Also illustrative work of specific artists, including Anton Pieck, Victor Vasarely, Jacob Bicker Raye, Malevitch, Picasso, Reynaud, Carel Balth, Onno Greiner, Ary Scheffer, Bettina Rheims, Serge Bramly, Don Barronand many other artists and performers in the field.

Bullet Books - Topography and History. Numerous combined lots on Topography including Amsterdam, Nederlands Indië, Europa, Azië en Afrika, Brabant, Leiden and Zeeland. Cartografie van Ortelius. Regional languages and history of various time periods and subjects.

Bullet Books - Fiction. Various packages literature, including authors such as Connie Palmen, James Joyce, K. Schippers, Gerard van het Reve, Miguel de Cervantes and Honoré de Balzac.Furthermore various lots of collective subjects.

Bullet Books - Children’s Books, Comics. Comic books, Comic Memorabilia, Plaatjesalbums, Postcards, Children’s Books. The necessary children’s books and collectibles albums, a collection of dozens of special editions of Kresse. Albums including: Spike and Suzy, Trigië, Pep, Tarzan, Kari Lente, Loekie, Akim, Tintin, Rooie Oortjes, Sjors en Sjimmie, Eric De Noorman, Asterix, Buck Danny, Harald De Viking, including many first editions in good condition. And last but not least, a neat lot of Dick Bos.

Bullet Books - Miscellaneous Subjects: Sports, Magazines, Literature, Film and Photography, Jubilee Books, Spirituality, Gastronomy, Spirituality, Music, Travel, Shipping and Militia.

Bullet Prints and other Graphics. A nice collection Prints, Engravings, Color Lithographs, Optics Prints, Proclamations, Photography and High Quality Posters. With subjects like Asiatica (a.o. Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints), Reproductions, Advertising, Amsterdam, Paris, Calendars, Rhyme Prints and Maps of Scandinavia. In addition, work of Jo SPier, Casparus Commelin, Marten Toonder, Daan Hoeksema en Utagawa Horikage.

Bullet Curio, Antiques and Ephemera. A comprehensive collection of Curiosities and Antiques: Utensils, Cans, Postcards, Paper Models, (board) games, a large collection of Model cars, Dolls, Curio, Photos, Toys, Bakelite, Antique kitchen utensils, Tin Toys, Perfume, Glassware, Pottery, Cosmetics, a vintage Film Camera, Stamps, Meteorological instruments, Beer Mugs, Scales, Chinese Pottery, Foo Dogs, Cinema Movies in film cans, ancient tools, copper and brass objects, Art Deco bookends, Book Shams, Tin, Silver, a Theatre Viewer, a Bronze Mortar, Coins, Ethnografica, Magic Lantern Pictures and vintage Truck Bumper Objects. And many other paraphernalia and utensils.

Bullet De collection Old and Antique books, Manuscripts and otherwise Rare Books this auction is diverse. More than a hundred antique works will be auctioned, including the categories: History, Religion, Medicine, Law, Encyclopedias, Art, Engravings, Judaica, Literature, Topography, Tales, Poetry, Manuscripts, Alba Amoricum, Nobility, Numismatics, Heraldry, Almanacs, Wildlife, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and Atlasses. The collection includes works by, among others: Archibald Bower, Cornelis Ploos van Amstel, H. Tollens C.Z., Johan Newton, J. van Lodensteyn, Christoph Cellarius, Hieronymus Freyer, Michiel de Ruiter, G.B. Depping, Léon Pouillon, George Gordon Byron, Johannes Pontanus, A.W. van Campen, Heinrich Heine, Goethe, Victor Hugo, M. Guizot, Charles R. Gibson, G. Kalff, Jan Luiken, Joseph Addison, Joseph Martin, F. Kaiser, A. Chéruel, Kornelis Westerbaen, Dr. P.G. Buekers, Niemeijer, Johan Schmidt, Jacob Cats, Hugo de Groot, Jean Barbeyrac, M. Chateaubriand, Lukas Rotgans, Mr. Jacobus Scheltema, Mr. Willem Bilderdijk, Harriet Beecher Stowe, J.J.L. ten Kate, J.P. Millington, Charles Darwin, John Bush, J.L.Mosheim, Dé-Lilah, Cornelis Schrevelius Justin, Isaac Vossius, Erasmus, Luther, Alexandre Dumas, B. Glasius, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Dickens and many other authors. Concerning the unica the collection includes some very beautiful Alba Amoricum with fine-detailed drawings and a rare Ethiopian manuscript with Coptic script and a representation of George and the Dragon on parchment of extraordinary quality.

Bullet Art and Graphics. Unica or work in limited editions of various Noteworthy is a rare lithograph by Edgar Degas and a recent discovery of the heirs Molkenboer; a beautifully detailed work in pencil, crayon and watercolor in Art Nouveau style. Furthermore, the usual prints, engravings, etchings and other graphics that adorn this category.

Bullet Posters. The auction concludes with a collection of special in some cases very rare posters.

In short: Another auction to be proud of!

Ergebnisse dieser Auktion

0001-500 Bücher - Buch Wissenschaft, Bibliographi [22]
0501-0700 Bücher - Wissenschaft und Technolog [6]
0701-1000 Books - Psychology & Sexuology [25]
1001-1500 Bücher - Religion und Philosophie [5]
1501-2000 Bücher - Kunst, Musik und Fotografie [79]
2001-2500 Bücher - Topographie und Geschichte [29]
2501-3000 Bücher - Fiktion [11]
3000-3500 Bücher - Kinderbücher, Comics [54]
3501-4000 Bücher - Verschiedenes [19]
4001-4500 Alte Karten und Drucke [20]
4501-5000 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [133]
5001-5500 Alte Bücher [106]
5501-5700 Bildende Kunst, Graphik und Plakate [38]
5701-5800 Plakate [44]

Übersicht Lose [591]